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Welcome to the Online Guide to Waterfront Permitting for the
New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary

Use this site to find information on how to obtain a permit for waterfront projects in and around the New York - New Jersey Harbor Estuary.  You will find detailed regulatory information as well as helpful information on how to get through the permittng process.

The Metopolitan Waterfront Alliance (MWA) manages and updates this site as a resource not only for permittees, but for agencies as well. 

Permittees:  Before you start using this site, it is helpful to know the most basic overall steps of waterfront permitting.  For detailed information, check out the New York Permit Process Flowchart and the New Jersey Permit Process Flowchart.  Also see the link to the narrative describing the overall permitting process in New Jersey and the overall permitting proces in New York.

Check out Tips for Successfully Navigating the Process - containing recommendations directly from regulators.

For both states, the following permitting basics apply:

Step 1:  Contact your local municipal planning department or use the department’s online resources to identify the zoning on your site.

Step 2:  Contact your state environmental agency and schedule a pre-application meeting or telephone conference.

Step 3:  Contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to schedule a pre-application meeting.

Step 4:  Once you have received the required State and Federal permits, you can apply for approval to use state lands.

Step 5:  Once you have secured the necessary state and federal permits, you can apply for a building permit from your municipal building department.

All of the relevant links are located to the right and above. 


Please note, this website does not substitute for direct consultation and communication with regulators. 

Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions about this site to Cortney Worrall, cworrall[at]waterfrontalliance.org    212-935-9831 ext. 102.